PD: Deploying 1000 Chromebooks

Context: This is the one to attend. Tips of things learned the hard way.

Dianna R Foley (Communications and Technology). Rocky River City School District.

General Method: Completed a pilot. Gathered Data. The cool thing was that the piloted teachers created positive buzz with other teachers. A good decision (helped create buyin).


  • Success Maker
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Video and audio capture
  • Track pad (can get a mouse)

RRCD decided to go with keeping Chromebooks inhouse instead of sending the devices home with the student.

Side idea: getting a few of these consistently for the board meetings. Board members use Chromebooks at board meeting.

Manual enrollment vs automatic.

Could do about 10 at a time. Need a lot of bandwidth as it takes a while to run updates. Updates can take around 15 minutes.

Added additional label to the front of the Chromebook as it was easier to see (for student). This allowed number to corresponding cart. Teacher assigned number to student (narrows the pool of who you need to talk to).

Side Idea: Workshops for parents for Google Apps.

Define ownership of a cart. That’s the best way to do things for securing the carts.

PD: Using a Chromebook

Presentation can be found here.

Context: At Hamilton we’ve invested in Chromebooks for the upcoming school year. Big learning curve with this, so I’m leaning heavy on attending Chromebook presentations today.

The question, when you’re mostly using the web for your instruction, do you need all the other stuff (resonates with my reasoning) on a more expensive device.

Key Point: There are offline apps.

Firehose of information.

Side note: one of the things I love about Chromebooks is that they’re simple. Very simple arrangement of applications. Easy for teachers and students.

Applications & Extensions

Overall, a so so presentation. I would have much rather talked about deploying Chromebooks with students, not necessarily applications.

Random Notes on Ohio Goes Google Key Note

In no particular order…but random notes and asides from the Key Note.

Google Form Asides

Google Forms now uses images. Huge implications for testing.

Use Google form for Mood Check Ins. Social emotional exit tickets. I love this idea. Building the trust online to feel more comfortable with face to face conversations.

YouTube Asides

Check out solid YouTube channels. youtube.com/mathademics.

Technology is about increasing instruction to student ratios.

Google Hangout

Using a hangout with other schools to talk with different sets of students. There are all kinds of implications for staff development and meetings as well.

Main point – rethink how using Google Apps in the structure of the day (student, staff, and admin).